Raise3D Pro3

Agile Production Made Simple

Forged from the Pro2 Series, Raise3D's newly launched Pro3 Series 3D printers meet
the needs of both production and multi-sized rapid prototyping, with high precision
and round-the-clock stable operation, fulfilling the requirements of large-scale pro-
duction and multi-sized rapid prototyping. A high-quality printer design that includes
enhanced features and a smart assistant system known as EVE, all of which make the
Pro3 Series an excellent option for professional 3D printing.

Independent Modular Extruder with Detachable Hot End


  • The Pro3 Series is equipped with an independent modular extruder with a dual extrusion structure. This allows the Pro3 Series to print using a variety of filaments, reduce clogging, and allow convenient disassembly and replacement of components.
  • The hot end of the Pro3 Series is easy to remove, facilitating the replacement and maintenance of the hot end. Users can also easily take off the front cover of the extruder to accurately locate common printing impediments such as filament jams.

Auto Bed Leveling


Auto bed leveling improves bed adhesion and allows the extruder to adjust to even
the most minor of surface contour changes for better final print quality.

Flexible Build Plate


The flexible build plate can be bent to easily remove 3D printed parts while minimizing potential damage to the final print. The Pro3 Series is also compatible with metal build plate, and high temperature build plate made of 100% pure borosilicate glass.

Air Flow Manager & HEPA Air Filter

  • The Air Flow Manager of the Pro3 Series improves heat dissipation and air circulation, and creates a stable environment inside the print chamber. Equipped with a HEPA air filter, Air Flow Manager can also filter and clean the air inside the chamber.
  • The Pro3 Series uses HEPA air filtration to clean the air of any particles (including nano-particles) released during the 3D printing process. The HEPA air operates silently, quietly working in the background of any work area.

Lightweight Cable with Digital Temperature Measurement

The Pro3 Series replaces the drag chain cable with a lightweight cable, to reduce the weight of the extruder and keep the center of gravity in the middle during printing for more stable print quality. The Pro3 Series also uses digital temperature measurement, for accurate and anti-jamming temperature reading.

EVE Smart Assistant

The EVE assistant can guide users to accurately locate and resolve issues that could affect the final print job.
It has a function that gives users reminders about regular scheduled interventions to ensure that printer maintenance is performed on time.
It also helps reduce maintenance time and communication costs for an efficient maintenance process.

Capable of Printing a Variety of Filaments


  • Up to 300°C
  • PLA/ ABS/ HIPS/ PC/ TPU/ TPE/ PETG/ ASA/ PP/ PVA/ Nylon/ Glass Fiber Infused/Carbon Fiber Infused/ Metal Fill/ Wood Fill

More Features

  • Z-axis Rod Stiffness Increased
  • Fast Nozzle Switching
  • Automatic Detection
  • Filament Run-out Sensor
  • One-Touch Sleep Mode

Data sheet

Printing speed
30–150 mm/s
Printing volume
300 × 300 × 300mm
Filament diameter
1.75 mm
Heated bed
Compatible materials
PLA/ ABS/ HIPS/ PC/ TPU/ TPE/ PETG/ ASA/ PP/ PVA/ Nylon/Glass Fiber Infused/ Carbon Fiber Infused/ Metal Fill/ Wood Fill
Nozzle diameter
0.4 mm (Default), 0.2/ 0.6/ 0.8/ 1.0 mm (Available)
Extruder amount
Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Machine size
24.4 × 24.6 × 43.5 inch/ 620 × 626 × 1105 mm
61.15 kg
System compatibility
WINDOWS/ macOS/ Linux
7-inch Touch Screen
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