The concept

Did you hear about the dance battles? Here you have the « 3D graphic battles ».

The principle is simple. We compete 2 3D modelers who confront each other during an hour, creating something from scratch, according to a certain theme. (preparation is allowed).

At the end, the public will vote by giving their favorite modeler a big applause. Whoever gets the loudest applause will be offered a free print.

When and where ?

We regularly organize the Unic-Awards in our Unic-Café or in another public place.

Follow us on our social networks (Facebook - Twitter) for information about the next Unic-Awards!

Call for participants

Do you stand out in 3D modeling? Do you have special expertise in a specific industry (architecture, scultping, product design, art, fashion, entertainment, jewelry, prototyping, ...)? Do you like challenges and does competition does not scare you? Are you familiar with one or more CAD software packs?

Then you are one of our candidates!

Send us photos or a link of your accomplishments and we will enroll you in the competition.

May the best win !