3D printing service at Unic-3D


Would you like to materialize an idea or a project?

Would you like to repair something but can’t find the spare parts on the market?

Do you want to duplicate an object?

3D printing service bureau

Unic-3D offers you a 3D printing service available to professionals and individuals.

Different approaches

  1. You come to us with your object which you want to repair/duplicate.
  2. You send us a printable file (STL or OBJ) or a link to a 3D model through our contact form.
  3. You come with a sketch and dimensions.

Determining a price

Every project is different. There are several factors which come into play in order to give you a price:

  1. The used technology
  2. The size of your object
  3. The used materials (plastics, metals, wood, carbon fiber, flexible, castable, high temperature, ...)
  4. The printing time
  5. The printing settings (resolution, infill density, …)
  6. The possible finishing methods (support removal, sanding, painting, …)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at +32 2 502 61 67. We’ll be happy to answer them and give you a price estimate.

Recent projects

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