Ultimaker PET-G 750gr

Ultimaker PET-G 750gr

Setting the standard for industrial applications.

Color: White

Ultimaker PETG sets the standard for enterprise-grade industrial use. Available in a variety of colors – including transparent and fluorescent – it is perfectly suited for a wide range of use cases, thanks to properties such as good printability, toughness, chemical resistance, wear resistance, and temperature resistance. Easy to use, versatile, and scalable, Ultimaker PETG enables you to standardize the way you work and print to make it happen

Easy to use

Good adhesion and layer bonding, and excellent compatibility with PVA and Breakaway material make Ultimaker PETG one of the easiest-to-use materials on the market. And with NFC detection and print profiles – including visual and engineering intent profiles – anyone from novice to expert can quickly and easily start 3D printing with Ultimaker PETG and achieve first-time-right results


Compared to PLA and Tough PLA, Ultimaker PETG unlocks the widest range of technical applications, offering the printability of PLA, but with the industrial properties you need. This enables you to create a wide range of industrial parts, tools, and prototypes. Ultimaker PETG offers the ideal balance of properties for Ultimaker users in industrial environments, with good all-around visual, functional, and mechanical properties that can withstand environmental influences such as wear, chemicals, and warmer temperatures


Ultimaker PETG is one of the most affordable technical 3D printing materials. It is also perfectly suited for different industrial environments – versatile, safe and easy to print, and available in many colors. All together, this makes Ultimaker PETG easy to deploy across your organization – meaning fewer changeovers and increased standardization


Manufacturing aids

In the color you want with the mechanical properties you need – Ultimaker PETG is the perfect solution to creating manufacturing aids that ensure efficiency, order, and safety in an industrial environment

Parts for industrial use

Ultimaker PETG features chemical and temperature-resistant properties, making it an excellent candidate for creating parts meant to work hard in an industrial environment

Functional prototyping

Easy printability and a balance between toughness, stiffness, and resistance to external influences make Ultimaker PETG the material of choice for hardworking industrial environments, meaning you can design, test, and iterate functional prototypes that get the job done


Ecosystem integration – Ultimaker PETG integrates seamlessly with our ecosystem and provides the best experience for Ultimaker users

Good printability – With low printing temperatures and good adhesion and layer bonding, PETG is one of the easiest materials to print with, also with support materials

Multi-color – PETG comes in various colors (including translucent), which makes it suitable for all kinds of use cases, from color coding to transparent elements

Tough – PETG has good toughness, which means it is slightly bendable and more suitable for functional parts

Wear resistant – Because of good wear resistance, PETG is durable and not easily damaged by friction or use

Chemical resistant – With a chemical resistance against lubricants, oils, alcohol, and some acids and bases PETG can be used in various environments

Temperature resistant – PETG prints can be used in warmer environments as it can withstand temperatures of up to ~75 °C


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